1. Ozine Fest report… thingy, Part 2.

    I spent the rest of the afternoon and evening with CP, Melo, the Dalton Scouts and got to sort-of hang out with the Tuxedo Team.

    The lovely, lovely CP Coulter. She wasn’t really cosplaying here; she just dressed up in a yukata but still got mobbed while we were by the Tuxessories booth.

    See what I mean?

    We then went downstairs meet Erving (my ultimate cosplay photography idol along with JM Chua). We ended up at Teriyaki Boy for dinner.

    Meet Erving’s camera, 40D-san. (I’m sorry, I don’t know the real name of his camera. /fail)

    This is Melo fake-operating Erving’s camera. (I tried to operate it when Melo couldn’t but the knobs are drastically different from my You-kun, a 450D.)

    CP’s first dinner (emphasis on first). Looks yummy but I didn’t get to eat her last piece because my own meal made me too full.

    So… we went back up to meet the Dalton Scouts and sort-of hang out some more with the Tuxedo Team (and I’m still starstruck over the fact that Kat remembered me from the Darren Criss concert. *_*).

    Miguel (with a bonus photobomb from Kat).

    and Jin!
    …I have no idea who she’s cosplaying as. /epic fail

    I also saw Naoko-chan when she went to visit the Tuxessories booth. :D

    Julian wearing the Chesire Cat necklace from the premium Alice in Wonderland line of Tuxessories. The Scouts salivated over the necklaces. XD

    I also asked them to model the Mustachio necklace for me. XD

    I have a huge, huge crush on the guy wearing the panda hat. He’s gorgeous (and they kept asking for more pictures so that the girls could ogle him some more. No shame.).

    It was a really, really good day for me. :)