1. Spoilers(?) regarding Episode 24 of Dalton, straight from CP Coulter’s mouth.

    (Pardon the quality and slow upload time; the video is still processing [as of 11:10PM Manila time]).

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      SECOND SOLOIST ;rgkhjdhjbszkrbg;lahh
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      blaine with unjelled hair, open blazer and tennis shoes…. we so excited
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      Monique! You’re SO ADORABLE! I too am jealous of your hair. :D
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      I have never seen a more adorable person in my life holy crap. BUT YAY IT’S GETTING CLOSER!
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      1) Flailing for Dalton. 2) CP Y U SO ADORABLE. LIKE FOR REALS. I just want to hug you. Ok.
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      Omg AW she’s so cute omgomgomg
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      HOLY JESUS YOU’RE SO CUTE Also I totally thought it was Sam when I first heard about the 2nd soloist. Sad face.
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      AWESOME VIDEO IS AWESOME asdfsddjgfkllk
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      alhj il;aehrfkljbhl kjaskljfrlkhnksdjhk i cannot wait ahhhhh tidbits from wes and david and ahhhh second solist and...
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      Okay after watching the actual CP, i need to start reading DALTON!!
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      gbglsgadnlgksd CP omg you have a really Filipino accent lol well I know you are Filipino but I know not all Filipinos...
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      cannot get over CP’s amazingness ahfkesdgfjcd